helios partners with PayLead to provide the leading automatic cashback experience

helios partners with PayLead to provide the leading automatic cashback experience

helios has partnered with PayLead to provide personalized automatic cashback offers to customers from sustainable merchants to encourage ethical consumption.

The solution delivered by PayLead ensures helios clients can earn cashback, both in-store and online, simply by making a purchase without activating offers. When making a purchase, clients will receive real-time notifications notifying them of their cashback earnings.

Within the helios app, clients can browse a list of available offers and monitor their cashback earnings. After accumulating €20 or more, helios clients can transfer their earnings to their account.

Consumers continue to show a growing desire to consume more ethically, and helios is doing their part to meet the expectations of French banking clients, who expect their bank to play their part.

According to an internal study led by helios on 1,122 of their customers in March 2023, the launch of the program answers the desire of 94% of helios customers who want to consume more sustainably and 91% of whom wish to earn rewards from ethical offers. Together with PayLead, they now provide France's leading ecosystem of ethical merchants.

“PayLead is the ideal partner to expand our reward offering, and we look forward to providing more ethical and tangible rewards for cardholders.” Maeva Courtois, CEO & co-founder of helios

helios will leverage PayLead’s automatic cashback service to create a seamless earning process and build loyalty by embedding the service into the purchase process. Consumers continue to expect more from their bank and have shown a growing interest in automatic cashback offers. This partnership will bring more value to ethical consumers while providing a new means for helios to drive customer engagement in-app.

“helios is an innovative company in the banking industry that offers consumers an ethical option for managing their finances and daily banking requirements. They are an excellent partner aligned with our mission to provide more tangible rewards to French consumers, particularly those who want to make ethical purchasing decisions in tune with their beliefs.” Charles de Gastines, CEO of PayLead

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