How Cooltra uses PayLead to acquire and create repeat customers with automatic cashback

How Cooltra uses PayLead to acquire and create repeat customers with automatic cashback

Marta Barcelo Plans is the Growth Manager at Cooltra leading the charge to drive growth across multiple markets.

Always searching for new solutions and data to give Cooltra an edge in the fast-moving urban mobility market, Marta worked with PayLead to use actionable data to reach customers looking for a new transport alternative.

“PayLead gave us the purchase insights to craft a data-driven strategy that not only brought results, but rewarded consumers for choosing Cooltra.”

Marta Barcelo, Growth Manager at Cooltra

The challenge

Commuters are presented a multitide of choice when picking a method of transportation to get around town. However Cooltra wanted to bring their green alternative to the forefront of customer minds and was looking to give prospective users an added incentive to ride one of their scooters.

The solution

Marta sought out purchase insights that could be used to craft an acquisiton strategy targeting new clients in their key Spanish markets. By leveraging PayLead’s platform, Cooltra was able to reach cardholders across Spain with card-linked offers providing automatic cashback rewards to newly acquired customers.

The results

Today, Cooltra works with PayLead to acquire and retain those same customers in Spain and France. After launching the first campaign in Spain, which proved effective and cost-efficient with a low customer acquisition cost, Cooltra launched and used the same strategy in France to significant effect.

return on investment in Spain
return on investment in France
of customers repurchased three or more times
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How Cooltra rewarded customers for choosing a green alternative

At the top of 2022, Cooltra and PayLead came together to address an audience of cardholders from PayLead’s network of banking partners in Spain. PayLead provided a new source of data and the platform to reach consumers from a network of trusted financial service partners. “PayLead gave us a presence in the applications of multiple financial entities through a single partner, streamlining our management of campaigns sent to cardholders" Says Marta.

Access to anonymized payment data from the network allowed for market analysis and segmentation of bank and fintech users based on their purchase behaviors. This enabled Cooltra to target consumers who did not ride their scooters in the past six months.

With an audience identified and conditions of the campaign set, a card-linked offer campaign was launched to reward city dwellers for their daily commute. As put by Marta, "PayLead's platform helps Cooltra segment customers, which is crucial for us as it helps us reach users aligned with our brand and generate interest through our active offers."

The pilot, which rewarded new customers automatically with cashback when riding with Cooltra, proved to increase customer acquisition and allowed Cooltra to gain continued insight into the spending habits of urban mobility customers across Spain.

Since then, PayLead and Cooltra have continued to work together to bring in new customers while rewarding them for their choice. In their most recent campaign, Cooltra generated an ROI of 20 times with a CAC that fell well below their average cost of acquisition.

While the strategy focused solely on acquisition, Cooltra saw activated consumers turn into repeat customers after earning their first reward. Of the newly acquired customers, 68% used Cooltra scooters to get around town again. Looking closer at the repeat customers, 19% used Cooltra scooters twice in the following 11 months, and 49% had three or more rides in the same period.

Carrying on the campaign in France

With the recipe for success created in Spain, the same strategy was deployed in France to great effect. After launching a six-month-long campaign in the spring of 2023, Cooltra saw a 45-time return on their investment.

The pull of an automatic cashback reward resulted in a significant increase in wallet share coming from their competitors in France. Cooltra saw their wallet share rise by +51 points while competing urban mobility players saw substantial dips during the campaign.

The creation of repeat customers was also evident in France. 77 percent of the activated audience rode Cooltra scooters twice or more the following year. In total, 63% of the newly activated customers chose Cooltra’s green alternative to mobility three or more times.

Since first achieving success with PayLead, Cooltra has continued to iterate and collaborate with PayLead to create more incremental revenues from high-value customers at a low cost of acquisition.

"In 2024, we activated a retention campaign in France, which we didn't have before, and within just one month, have seen a substantial percentage of customers repeatedly ride our scooters. This leads us to the conclusion that our collaboration with PayLead is fostering retention." Said Marta

Today, Cooltra continues to acquire new customers efficiently across Spain and France, while creating brand loyalty that makes customers see Cooltra as a brand they can trust.

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