How Coté Sushi acquired and increased purchase frequency with existing clients thanks to PayLead

How Coté Sushi acquired and increased purchase frequency with existing clients thanks to PayLead

The French restaurant chain Côté Sushi, which specializes in Nikkei fusion cuisine, is expanding its presence in France, especially after acquiring around fifteen branches of Planet Sushi.

Robert Ientile
Robert Ientile

To support this growth, Yohann Boua, who is the Head of Ecommerce & Digital at Côté Sushi, has been working closely with PayLead for almost three years.

Côté Sushi's objectives

- Acquiring new customers
- Reactivating dormant customers
- Increasing the purchase frequency of existing customers
- Increasing brand visibility
- Understanding customer purchasing behavior in the restaurant industry

The PayLead & Côté Sushi Campaign

PayLead's platform, which is connected to loyalty programs offered by our network of banks in France, provides Côté Sushi with access to payment data to influence the purchasing behavior of millions of users.

By using targeted card-linked offers in banking apps, PayLead helps Côté Sushi acquire and reactivate customers, and in return, offers automatic cashback to the user.

The targeting criteria ensured new and existing customers received cashback offers, including those who haven't ordered from Côté Sushi in the past 12 months.

The Results

Key figures from the past 12 months:

- The campaign generated a significant number of new customers: 91% of activated customers had not previously consumed at Côté Sushi.
- It fosters long-term loyalty among these new customers: nearly 1/4 of acquired customers made repeat purchases after their initial purchase.
- It also helps to retain existing customers: 73% made at least 2 purchases, and 12% made more than 5 purchases.
- The exclusivity rate has significantly increased: 1/3 of activated customers became exclusive to Côté Sushi (compared to 3% exclusivity at the launch).
The campaign saw a 9x return on investment.

of activated clients purchased exclisively at Coté Sushi since activation.

Insights uncovering invaluable customer purchase behaviors

Knowing the fast-food industry is highly volatile, Yohann, the Head of Ecommerce & Digital needed to gain a better understanding of his customers' purchasing behavior. Yohann found PayLead to be an excellent solution, noting :

"they provided insights on the purchase frequency, the proportion of one-time buyers, the share of spending by customers at Côté Sushi and our competitors, as well as identifying the share of volatile and exclusive customers.”"

Yohann Boua, Responsable du e-commerce et digitale

At a time when regulations complicate data collection, Paylead enables Côté Sushi to obtain valuable data that complies with new GDPR requirements.

"The greatest advantage in my opinion is the accuracy and depth of customer data that Paylead can provide. I was also pleasantly surprised by the number of partner banks they have been able to aggregate into a single platform, thus increasing the size of their audience over the years." - Yohann Boua.

A partnership built on trust

PayLead offers a unique platform to address large banking audiences in France and receive dedicated marketing support to understand consumption trends and customer purchasing behaviors.

"The teams are attentive and constantly striving for customer satisfaction. It's a partnership based on trust." - Yohann Boua

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