PayLead beefs up its strategic committee with new members

PayLead beefs up its strategic committee with new members

After concluding a €6 million series A funding round in early March, French Fintech company PayLead is accelerating its growth, both domestically and across Europe.

Noémie Kempf
Noémie Kempf

To mark the occasion, PayLead is excited to announce the addition of three key members to its strategic committee who will advise the company on its future tactical endeavors.

Meet PayLead's newest advisors

Hugues Le Bret, Éric Lasaygues, and David Nedzela have joined the ranks of the committee, which already includes representatives Jonathan Denais, Managing Director at Open CNP, and Renaud Guillerm, Managing Partner at Side Capital. Each member brings a unique perspective and strategic insights from their industries of expertise.

Hugues Le Bret - the pioneer and visionary in the field of banking

Hugues Le Bret, a seasoned executive with more than 20 years of experience in the banking industry, has, among other responsibilities, served as Société Générale's Head of Communications, and as the CEO of Boursorama. He then founded the company Nickel, which sold to BNP Paribas in 2017. The sale set the bar as the largest Fintech acquisition realized in France to date.

With his in-depth knowledge of the finance industry and personal experiences, he has built a unique vision for the future of this market in Europe. He is PayLead's most trusted advisor on all bank-related matters. His expertise is an invaluable asset helping the young Fintech understand banks' needs to adapt its strategy and its product.

Eric Lasaygues - the insurance industry expert

Eric Lasaygues has 27 years of international experience in the insurance industry.

After working at BNP Paribas Cardif, successively in Japan, where he helped open the company's first subsidiary, in Argentina and then in Italy, where he operated as Chief Financial & Actuarial Officer, he co-created the international network of credit protection insurance broker Cbp. He developed several entities of Cbp's both in Europe and built South-East Asia first operation up. He now holds the title of Director of Partnerships Development at CNP Assurances, and is also a member of CNP's Group Executive Committee. Eric brings his invaluable expertise to the table for PayLead.

His unique knowledge of the insurance world and foresight into the impact banking data analysis will have on the industry, will help PayLead understand how to navigate this strategic market best. His strong network will be of great help to accelerate the Fintech's international expansion.

David Nedzela - the serial entrepreneur and Marketing expert

David Nedzela brings his extensive experience and knowledge working with agencies and large corporations, in aiding them with their digital transformation. He is an entrepreneurial veteran who has co-founded two companies, Greenzer & Menlook. A genuine marketing specialist, David has led the Marketing teams of landmark corporations, among which Fnac Darty and

He will play a significant role in advising PayLead on how to craft a marketing strategy that falls in line with its ambition of maximizing the use of banking data for merchants, banks, and end-users across Europe.

PayLead is setting out to write a new chapter for customer loyalty and the banking industry

PayLead is now fully equipped and supported to efficiently answer the needs of modern consumers, payment issuers, and retailers.

Today, more than ever, banks and insurance companies are presented with the opportunity to reinvent the relationship with their customers. They can do so by helping them grow their purchasing power, and by assisting retailers in their efforts to bounce back despite the current economic downturn, by activating and retaining their customers more efficiently through the analysis of banking data.

A new era for loyalty begins with PayLead at the forefront!

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