Using traditional media outlets and social media to inform new and existing clients about cashback rewards

Using traditional media outlets and social media to inform new and existing clients about cashback rewards

Communicating outside of banking apps and newsletters across traditional outlets and social media channels gives financial institutions a means to not only reach existing customers but communicate on the benefits of automatic cashback to potential new bank clients.

Making use of traditional media channels at launch

Whether you are an established financial institution, such as a retail bank with a network of physical branches or a digital bank offering financial services, traditional media should still find space in your launch plans.

Deploying print ads in city centers and relevant print outlets for your audience raises awareness for your existing customers. It allows institutions to use automatic cashback as a lever for new client acquisition.

Leveraging physical branches

For large retail banks looking for inspiration, BNP Paribas provided an example to follow in utilizing their bank branches to display messaging highlighting the launch of their cashback program “Mes Extras”.

Across France, they displayed digital signage with static and video ads outside and within branches with QR codes, enticing viewers to scan the code leading directly to the onboarding journey in-app. (Exhibit 4)

Out-of-home advertising

Including automatic cashback in ads across city, centers have also been a frequently used communication method at launch, garnering visibility for the program and our partner's overall offering. Ma French Bank, the digital bank of La Banque Postale, placed ads in the Paris metro highlighting the cashback feature with great success, as new clients were quoted in a survey saying it was one of the top three reasons they chose to open an account. Read the case study here.

Press coverage and print media

Releasing an official press release and seeking out media opportunities to present the program in the best light and terms is always highly recommended at launch. This allows your bank to gain visibility from mass media channels such as news organizations across print, broadcast, and television mediums.

Communicating across social media

With organic posts and ads published across Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and even Snapchat for specific brands, financial institutions can reach their intended audience across several touchpoints and build visibility.

The demographics of each partner's clients are different, and thus, so are the social media following they've amassed. Selecting the proper social channels for your brand will be straightforward for your marketing team.

Mixing organic and sponsored posts with varied post formats

Introducing your organic following across socials to your cashback program is essential. Still, social media channels also present the opportunity to target new audiences with sponsored posts, reaching targeted audiences based on demographics and intent. Regardless of the channel, we recommend testing all formats across socials, such as single posts, stories, reels, and any other new post types that keep your brand current and present your program in the best light.

Crafting your message

All copy should be written in as few words as possible and focus on highlighting what clients stand to gain from joining the program. If and when possible, including the logos of top merchants with a high coverage of reward eligibility, 50% or more of your account holders provide added incentive for clients looking to earn cashback with certain merchants.

A quicker path to onboarding

With nearly every social media user logging in from their mobile phone, existing clients exposed to social media posts are led upon a shorter path to onboarding. Links in posts can lead users to a landing page followed by a direct link to the onboarding process in their banking app.

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