Leveraging email and newsletters for your cashback program

Leveraging email and newsletters for your cashback program

Email is a tried and tested acquisition channel that all our partners use. Looking closer at our partners with the largest audiences, financial institutions with millions of account holders, and the most varied demographic, we have seen 17% of new opt-ins come from the monthly newsletter.

From any newsletter communication, our partners have seen the average daily opt-ins increase from 2 to 13.5 times during a week. Many factors, most notably seasonality, can affect the impact of newsletter communications.

What messages should you be sharing after launch?

Discovery messaging in newsletters

When introducing the program to your clients, describe what the user stands to gain from participating and how simple it is to earn cashback rewards.

Avoid adding too much detail and including unnecessary legal text, and focus on getting your client to click on the call to action leading to the onboarding process, where they can review the terms and conditions of the program.

Including top coverage merchants

Your top coverage merchants, those with eligible offers for more than 80% of your clients, are your biggest acquisition lever. Clients want to know where to earn cashback and get the extra push to opt in when seeing leading merchants. We advise including a selection of top coverage merchants to show that your program can provide cashback for purchases across retail sectors. With that said, keep your emails neat with only a few brands. We advise including up to four to eight brands per newsletter.

Including brands creates a significant uplift in clients' spending, with the spending of exposed clients increasing up to +70% at times during the week newsletters have been sent.

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