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Offsetting carbon footprints with cashback

Green consumers are looking for ways to make up for their ever-growing carbon footprints. However, consumer values regarding the environment don't always align with their purchase decisions. Cashback can change that.

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Ma French Bank x PayLead

Heloise Beldico-Pachot explains the benefits of implementing a personalized reward program that offers automatic rewards to their growing customer base.

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Open banking is changing the face of loyalty programs

Despite attempts from banks to implement profitable and engaging reward programs, the lack of value generated for banks, merchants and a streamlined experience for end-users halted past efforts. Open banking is now changing the fortunes of reward programs.

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PayLead Launches in Spain

We have great news! PayLead is making its way to Spain. With a team operating in offices located in Madrid and Barcelona, PayLead is set to bring the power of intelligent reward programs and Payment Marketing to banks, fintechs, and retailers in Iberia.

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Say ALO to the future of rewards

While payment providers continue to build infrastructure to generate customer insights from payment data, banks who gather a holistic view of all purchases, bank transfers and salary deposits still haven't fully harnessed or monetized their customers' data.

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Is cash still king in 2020?

PayLead’s data team decided to look into our relationship with money, and more specifically, with cash to see how confinement has altered a longstanding consumer behavior.

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